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Why Solar?

sun1Since the beginning of human existence, man realized that the sun provided warmth (heat). Even wild and domesticated animals quickly experienced the effects of sunlight as compared to being in shady surroundings.

In the ensuing centuries methods of storing heat, such as filling jars with water or stacking stones or bricks in sunlight, extended the benefits of solar energy for a prolonged period after sunset. That same sunlight helped in the drying out of animal skins for clothing, meat for eating, and after wearing apparel was washed – the old fashioned clothes line.

More recently, seeking to develop “alternative” ways to charge the batteries used in their myriad of space vehicles, NASA participated in the development of the “PhotoVoltaic” system. This functions similarly to a battery except, by the combination of certain chemicals and specialized natural elements, the sun shining on the panels causes a “flow” of electric energy that in turn charged the on-board batteries and in some applications, replaced the batteries completely.


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